What determines the choice of technology of grasping which is kind of handling head?

The choice of technology of grasping: vacuum, magnetically or mechanically depends on the type of product, its size, how its pack and general conditions in the manufacturing plant. The material used to make the component and its packaging method are the most important characteristics that determine the way of handle. During the initial discussions with the customer we pre-define the way in which manufactured goods may be grasped.
When choosing technology of grasping we take into account the way of holding the object that does not undergo displacements during the transfer, the gripper size, type and shape of the handling elements, grip strength and the type of drive. Often the size of the workspace and the laying of cargo enforces a concrete solution for the manipulator. Choosing a vacuum gripper we must take into account the dust occurring during the production and preservation of a system in case of an air pressure drop off or a power failure of vacuum generators - in these cases the vacuum gripper drops the conveyed goods, which could result in damage or a risk to people.
In the mechanical grippers forced interaction occurs on the gripped item. If it is too soft, it can be damaged. The most common mechanical grippers are used for moving large and heavy components, such as large cartons (collective), paper and plastic bags weighing eg. 25 kg, shrink-wrapped packaging (eg. of sugar).
In case when  the transferred load must be set next to each other without gaps, inserted in the openings with dimensions close to the dimensions of these loads  or remove from them, we select vacuum grip. The ability to use such a gripper is conditioned by the properties of the loads surface (usually the upper), for which we want to grip.
If the transferred element has a complicated shape or irregular surface, this method becomes impossible to use - suction cups cannot be sealed and obtain the required holding force cannot be reached. Another hindrance to the application of the vacuum gripper can be insufficient mechanical strength of the surface of a gripped load (eg. a he- avy cardboard flap which can be opened during the transfer).
Other gripping options:
- electromagnetic grippers useful in transferring loads made of ferromagnetic materials (eg. metal sheets),
- grippers which squeeze sides of rigid packaging (eg. cardboards) and such grippers with supporting the underside of the flaccid or soft packs (eg. paper bags).

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