What are the benefits for my company after installation of a robot?

  • reduction of production costs,
  • immense accuracy in the performance of a given work achieved through the perfect repeatability and precision movements of the robot,
  • high-efficiency of applications thanks to high-speed process,
  • ability to easily and quickly adapt to the new production profile (flexibility solutions),
  • improving the quality of the product after eliminating errors that appear in the work carried out by hands,
  • optimum use of space –robot is able to work in a very confined space, often deftly avoiding the hall structural columns and beams,
  • replace the man in arduous conditions of work - the employer is able to move employees to a less dangerous or lighter work,
  • ability to move at high speed heavy weights,
  • reliability (by eliminating potentially contingency elements),
  • prestige as a result of robotized production process.

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