Is one palletizing robot cope with several products at once?

Definitely the most benefits from the implementation of robotic palletizing reach the company (branches), which require simultaneous palletizing products from several production lines on separate pallet units.
Wikpol has many deployed applications, where one robot supports several packaging lines, and the record-robot can even lead fifteen simultaneous palletization of packaging lines for fifteen palletizing positions by moving quickly between them.  Another palletizing area, where flexible robotic palletizing solutions are needed is palletizing various packages / products to a common unit of pallet - the so-called palletizing on demand according to customer. Most of this kind of technology is used in logistics centers where for one recipient packed pallets of different products are being packed.
For such solutions, the most important is to choose the appropriate type of industrial robot (gripper arm's length, maximum capacity, adequate operating speed) and the design of the handling head in such a way as to be able to grasp all sorts of products.

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