How does the work process goes related to the implementation of investment?

From design to effect - a motto which guided true professionals in the industry.
Wikpol all activities related to launching the offer starts with talk to representatives of the investor and identify development needs and investment opportunities of the company. With this information, our company can submit
a bid containing specific solution and price offer. The investor choose the best bidder.

The process of preparing a bid in our company runs in 5 steps:
Step 1:
Gather necessary data to prepare a bid (conversation with the customer, site inspection, discussion of possibilities).
Step 2: The concept and preliminary technical design (technical group meeting, developing the initial concept with particular emphasis on safety standards).
Step 3: Simulation and testing of the accepted concept (simulation of a robot in application ROBOGUIDE, tests on the product).
Step 4: Presentation of the offer. The offer consists of technical (description of the line, the technical specification of equipment, technical requirements) and commercial parts (price schedule, payment terms, warranty and service).
Step 5: Negotiation, contract / agreement.
Then, process of the realization of the order is 7 stages:
1. design work,
2. prototype (in the case of handling heads),
3. tests in the Research and Development Laboratory,
4. the final product,
5. assembly,
6. start-up at the site,
7. training for investor employees.

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