Does work with the robot safe?

The robot is a machine. Although it has a 99% reliability in its work, taking into account the range of inflicted works based on entered and verified during the test parameters, you should always have in mind the safety of workers in the zone of its position. For this reason, each robot installed in the production line at the plant is separated from the employees through fencing, usually made of metal mesh. Employees cannot get into a fenced off area while robot is working. Any invasion (sudden entrance) in the fenced off area during operation will cause the robot to stop immediately (emergency STOP).
Robotic system satisfies the assumptions of the PN-EN ISO 10218-2.
The safety circuit satisfies the assumptions of the PN-EN ISO 13849-1.
In 2015 the Fanuc Robotics company unveiled the world's only robot cooperating with the man whose load capacity is 35 kg. Equipped with force sensors and "dressed" in soft rubber skin, CR-35iA robot does not require any additional safety devices when working next to people. Operators can direct him, teach him perform tasks or simply pushed him away if, at the moment, he interferes with the performance of work. The ability to work with a man without installing safety mesh has been certified by TÜV ISO 10218-1: 2011, category 3, PL = d.

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