EU co-financing

For a number of years now our Company has successfully taken advantage of   opportunities for development connected with EU assistance. We have leveraged   both pre-accession EU funds (PHARE) and support provided as part of structural funds and national programmes. We have received grants for projects such as the implementation of our Quality-Management System and obtaining ISO certification, the equipping of workstations with computer and state-of-the-art design software, the retrofitting of our Marketing Department with advanced promotional tools, and participation in international fairs and exhibitions.
In 2009, we received a grant to launch an R&D Lab to carry out research in industrial robotics. The Lab allows us to test and verify our designs and technical solutions in-house, thus minimising the risk of any potential problems during line start-up on-site.
In 2011, with the assistance of EU funding, we also created our Manufacturing Centre for Handling Heads. The Centre uses the latest 3D-design software and mechanical-processing equipment. The facility allows us to quickly complete the design, prototype modelling and final manufacturing works for high-tech arms industrial robots.
In 2013 we received a grant for the expansion of the Manufacturing Centre for Handling Heads.

We also received a grant for the implementation of export development plan associated with Measure 6.1 Passport to Export.

Fanuc robotics